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03 Mar Money, money, money… it’s a rich man’s world

What is your money story? Does money slip through your fingers… do you spend it all on looking good? Do you save for a rainy day …. or do you spend it all on others? Are you never happy, always looking for more… do you question the price of things?

Money, money, money…. it’s a rich man’s world. Is this your money story? Do you… work all day to pay the bills… and still there seems nothing left?

I’ve been working with my money story. Fascinating!

Who doesn’t have some issue with money? If we don’t have enough, we want more; if we have lots, we can worry about losing it.

What I’m learning is that how we handle money relates to how much we value our self. And that can change….

Once, when I was at my lowest, when my ex-husband left home, I felt quite worthless. I wondered how I would survive alone and judged myself as being ‘just a housewife. My goodness, how much was I valuing myself then! I certainly didn’t see myself as being any diamond.

I did pick myself up and found the strength and courage to move forwards. Feeling that I was worthless was a challenge that I’ve addressed – if it’s something that you struggle with, I can help you. I have the key.

Let’s not be complacent. If your money story is not working for you, you need to find a different tune.

I am offering to the first three people who contact me the gift of joining my archetypes mentoring programme at a discounted rate of HK$ 10,000.

Get the flavour and understand your archetypal energies, how they support and limit you. We will do this during five one hour meetings on Skype. Then, move on with a further five sessions and get a taste of how your personal archetypes impact the area of money. Click here for full details, and email me if you would like to take the first step to getting what you truly want in life.

Give yourself a gift – do you value yourself enough to change your tune?

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