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26 May Smell the roses

Summer will soon be with us, seeds are blossoming and soon we will be able to smell the roses.

How often do you stop and smell the roses? Literally… figuratively? How often do you take time to enjoy the little things in life?

It’s all too easy, is it not, to rush about without appreciating the warmth of those who give us support, our many blessings? And, how often do you appreciate who you are?

Working with clients on how they handle money and what it means to them, I see that whatever we think about money equates with how we see our self, how much we value and appreciate our self.

Change how you see your self …and… abracadabra…watch your money grow!

If you struggle with money, if you don’t like yourself too much (you’re too this…too that….), and want to do something about that, email me and we can have a conversation to see how you can plant some new seeds … and flourish.

It can be hard to admit we have issues with money; it is ok to ask for help. So, I’m offering to the first three people who contact me a discounted rate of HK$9999 to join my mentoring programme consisting of ten 45 minute sessions.


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