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09 Jun Wake up

Once in a while we can get a wake up call. When our soul wants to get our attention, we can be given a shake. It may take the form of an issue with a relationship, our health, or perhaps in our career or finances.

My wake up calls have been mostly in the area of relationships. First in my marriage, more recently in my parenting. Each has offered me an opportunity to grow, to see illusions, and make different choices. None has been at all easy – far from it! What has helped is to know who I am, and find practical ways to see and do things differently.

I can help you get to know who you are. If you’re struggling with life – you feel stressed, exhausted, dull, uninspired, tired of pretending you are someone you are not, maybe even feel trapped – email me and we can talk about how to wake up and discover your diamond. The gift for me has been that I’ve discovered my passion and enthusiasm for life, I feel alive again. I feel so much stronger and more confident in myself, and I enjoy being me. You can too!

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