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12 Aug Humpty Dumpty

Hearing a little boy singing the words of Humpty Dumpty the other day…I found myself remembering the time when I felt broken. My husband had left home and I told myself I would never survive. I felt very alone.

I had tried to be someone I thought I should be, to make myself into someone better suited for my husband’s position. That was what broke me. I believed I was doing a good thing, only to discover, when it was all over, that my husband didn’t like the new creation. He found a replacement. It took me a long time to understand that my desire to be the best I could to assist my husband’s career meant that I lost sight of my own dreams.

Many women, I’ve found, can fall into this pattern in our relationships, sometimes also in the workplace. We have so much to give. What we need to see is that we hold ourselves back from giving to ourselves through taking care of those around us.

I didn’t know how to put myself together again. I did find a way and, in the process, I found the spirit within me. What I once felt was broken, I now know is whole. For those of you who want to change any situation that has you feeling unhappy, I will be delighted to share the practical tools and techniques I used to build a new foundation and find the peace of mind and happiness I enjoy today. You can discover this for yourself. The Diamond Within the Heart is exactly about that.

Begin by getting to know who you are by registering here for our new online programme, Discover your Diamond. After this rare adventure, you will never be the same again!

Or, you might like to explore how the different archetypal energies play within you – how and why they co-operate with one another, or not. Find details here




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