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06 Oct The Voice

This past month I’ve learned some lessons, the hard way I have to say, through deciding which voice to follow.
Which do you listen to – the still, soft voice of your soul, the voice of your ego which tells you what you want to hear, or the voice of your mind that doubts?
Do you listen to your inner voice that guides you kindly, gently – or the harsh voice of your inner critic…the worrier who imagines the worst … the perfectionist who thinks you are never good enough … or the victim who feels helpless and tells you that you can never do it?
Gosh, I remember the time when I was at my lowest…. and told myself I would never survive alone, I was ‘just a housewife’. How I bought into that humiliation! Since then I’ve had a few struggles, my heart has been bruised; and my life has changed immeasurably as I’ve become aware of my self-talk, found ways to manage it, and become strong and confident once again.
If you are struggling, you feel overwhelmed and just don’t know what to think or do, contact me and we can have a chat. I offer a free initial consultation over the phone. You can talk about what is happening in your life, what isn’t, and I will give you details of my programmes that can help you understand yourself more fully. You can then decide on the next step for you.
With my Archetypes Mentoring programme, you will come to recognise the voice of the different energies within you, then find a way for them to communicate holistically.
My promise is to inspire you to see yourself differently, pick yourself up and then step forward with the tools and techniques you need to create the life that you want. You might just feel a sense of triumph!

When you understand and become responsible for who you are, you see just how capable you are, and then you have freedom. You are limitless, you can say ‘yes’ to everything, anything is possible!



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