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27 Oct A veneer

This time last year, I went to a workshop in Geelong near Melbourne. The night before the workshop began, a veneer on one of my front teeth fell off! A Friday night, in a small town, far away from home and my dentist. First reaction – horrified! How must I look? Then, when I took a deep breath, I saw… I was not my appearance.

Many of us play a role that is not who we really are. Often we cover this up by creating a life that appears to be full and balanced, yet in truth is a facade. Many of us are very good at hiding our feelings. To what extent do you hide behind a veneer? A veneer is a veneer. Sometimes we need to crack the shell to find the diamond within.

If you have a sense, you perhaps don’t like to admit it, that on the surface you are holding it all together, yet underneath you are terrified that your life is falling apart, contact me and we can have a chat. I offer a free initial consultation over the phone. You can talk about what is happening in your life, what isn’t, and I will give you details of our programmes that can help you understand yourself and peel back the masks. You can then decide on the next step for you.

With our Archetypes Mentoring programme, you will come to recognise the different energies within you, then find a way for them to come together holistically.

My promise is to inspire you to see yourself differently, pick yourself up and then step forward with the tools and techniques you need to create the life that you want. You might just feel a sense of triumph!


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