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10 Dec Freedom

Two weeks ago, I moved house. After ten years enjoying stunning views in Tai Tam, and with both children now living and working overseas, I decided it was time for a new beginning. Time for them to fly; time for me, too!

As I look ahead to 2016, I feel excited; and the word that comes to me is ‘freedom’. I feel a sense that 2016 is a year when we are free to truly flourish – if we want.

As you look back on this year, how do you feel in terms of what you’ve created? Did you achieve all that you planned?

And, as you look ahead to the New Year, how do you feel?

Right now, our world is chaotic, we see evil. We don’t need to add to the flood of emotions or whirlwind of judgements. Instead, we can stand solid as a rock, maintain balance and harmony within our self, and simply radiate the warmth from our heart to those around us, everyone around us, remembering that each one of us is a beautiful, unique, diamond.

If you’re feeling any sense of conflict within you, scattered, or over-loaded through carrying stuff for others, contact me. Do something for you! I will be delighted to be your guide so you can find the way to recognise who you are and create the life that you want.

You will get clarity about who you are, the opportunity to connect to the beauty of the diamond within your heart, and a structure for moving forwards. I offer lots of encouragement too!

Make a commitment now yourself! We can start before the New Year begins. Click here to see the different programmes we offer. Our Archetypes mentoring programme will help you see how your different energies co-operate or clash; our Polishing the Diamond programme will help you appreciate all of who you are, all of your facets.

This Christmas I encourage you to polish you diamond and have fun!

Wishing you joy and peace.

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