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14 Jan Keeping up your brilliance

This month I’m writing to you from Phnom Penh where I’m working with some young women supported by the Harpswell Foundation. The mission of this organisation is to nourish the potential in bright young women through providing housing, university education and leadership training.

Strong, confident women from the provinces, where the norm for girls is often to leave school at age 14 and work in the rice fields or factories, I am enthused by their dreams – they dream BIG! For me, it is a joy to watch them blossom.

On Monday they were honoured with a visit from the Education Minister of Cambodia who shared his views on how to succeed as a leader. I found it heartening to hear him encourage relationship skills, a community support network, and making a contribution to others as part of the foundation for success.

What sort of support system do you have? How easy is it for you to ask for support? What do you do to create community?

When we experience loss or rejection, when we feel dull or lifeless, it is important to ask for support. Sometimes however in our pain we in fact isolate ourselves in order to avoid more pain. Sometimes we have a hidden belief that stops us from asking for support. We think we need to do it alone.

Successful women have a support team. Whether you’re facing a challenge or looking to find more sparkle, I will be happy to talk with you about how I can help you to understand your self more fully and let go of anything that holds you back. The gift is clarity, confidence and appreciation of who you are and who you can become. Contact me if you would like to talk about that. Diamonds need regular cleaning to keep up their brilliance!

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