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02 Feb Free your self to be your self

Subjugation. How do you feel when you hear this word? Is there any part of you that squirms?

Millions of people in our world subjugate themselves in some aspect of their lives – for another, for a cause. When they feel lesser than, when they stand in the shadow of another, when they subjugate their opinion or their emotions to others. Why is it that we allow it, why is it that we give control of our lives to others?

I see women who dress to please partners. I see people who do whatever they can to avoid conflict. I see those who stay silent. I see people imprisoned by their beliefs. I see those who bow to authority. Subjugation takes many forms.

I once subjugated my self to another, it was soul destroying, it felt like part of me was dead. I lost my sense of identity, my value, my self-respect.

If you know somewhere deep inside that this is how it is for you, and it’s something that you want change, contact me. I offer a choice of programmes which allow you to recognise, accept, release; then shift your self perceptions. The benefit is a feeling of peace and calm, being at one with all that is – perfect harmony!

Free yourself to be your self!

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