Freedom Coaching | Playing small… or living large?
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19 Apr Playing small… or living large?

A few years ago when I met a healer for the first time, she said she saw a little mouse scratching and squeaking in the dark and asked if that meant anything to me. It was not easy to admit it, to see my weakness; it was my truth, at that time. I was playing small, hiding in the dark, afraid to speak.

Today I live large – I love to experience life to the full, open-heartedly, I feel alive and vibrant, and I have a dream of what I want to accomplish. I want to become more of who I am!

How is it for you? D’you play small or live large?

How we live is a choice. If you’re tired of playing small, I can help you change that. I did it – so can you!

Join our 12 session Archetypes mentoring programme to understand how your different energies work together and what the core issue is behind playing small. Then we can work together in-depth and polish your diamond! Take a look at our new website, The Diamond Within The Heart, and sign up now for a journey to truly see your value.

I will be delighted to work with you, and celebrate your triumph and success.

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