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03 May Being seen and heard

Continuing the story of the little mouse scratching and squeaking in the dark… some of you have asked what happened…

Well, having lost my sense of value, I got some help (legal, financial, emotional and some coaching support). That help was so powerful that I decided I wanted to do the same for others. I learned to take care of myself and found my value.

I found my voice. Today, I help others get clear about who they are and why they are here, what matters to them, where they take a stand. I help them to speak up whether it’s in setting boundaries in relationships or sharing their passion and inspiring others. It’s wonderful what a sense of empowerment that gives them.

I’ve moved beyond my fear of not being heard. How is it for you? D’you wish you could find your voice? Your soul so much wants you to express who you are.

If you would like to claim your value …..sign up for our 12 session Archetypes mentoring programme to understand how your different energies work together and what the core issue is behind any uncertainty. Then, we can work together in-depth and polish your diamond

I will be delighted to work with you, and celebrate your triumph and success.

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