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Crossing the bridge

11 Oct Crossing the bridge

How do you see your life today? Is it one where you wake up feeling a sense of excitement, exhilaration, wondering what joys are in store? You move through your day, your senses awake, alert to opportunities to learn and grow. Or, is it the same old, same old, and you don’t take time to think about how it could be different? Perhaps, deep down you know you want to do something new, you just don’t know where to start?

In a few weeks’ time, I will be saying ‘goodbye’ to Hong Kong, home for 31 years. Hong Kong has been good to me, and, I feel it’s time for something new, for another adventure!

How does the future look to you? Do you shrink with fear, worry about what is happening in the world? Or, do you feel a sense of anticipation, expansion? Are you happy to embrace change? Are you willing to cross the bridge into the unknown?

Whether you want to start a new business, discover new ways of relating, find a sense of passion again, do something more meaningful, all you need to do is make the choice, then take the first step. Of course, it’s good to be willing to be who you are and know your value, what gifts you have to share.

It can also help to see what might get in the way of moving forwards  – for then you can do something about it! See our blog posts on


And, if you want to start a business, here is an article that offers a collection of wisdom from 31 entrepreneurs including yours truly.

Of course, if you want to start by finding a clearer sense of who you are and align with why you are here, you can contact me and we can talk about that. I am offering sessions as usual online.

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