Freedom Coaching | “Who in the world am I?”, asked Alice.
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Alice and theMadhatter

04 Dec “Who in the world am I?”, asked Alice.


“Who in the world am I?”, asked Alice in her quest for identity. On the surface, a story that is considered  by some to be about fun and nonsense, underneath a deeper meaning about growth and expansion.

“Who am I?” – a great question for us all, even in our adult years, sometimes forced upon us when we feel lost or confused, sometimes simply when we choose to change our life.

To what extent do you see yourself differently in comparison to, say, the beginning of the year? How much have you changed? And do you accept yourself more?

And when does ‘who am I?’ shift to ‘we’, someone asked recently. When we move beyond our personality self to recognising and aligning with our soul, to allow its light to shine, to trusting and co-creating with spirit, focusing on how can we be of service to others.

Where do you separate, where do you connect with others? How can you share your light to help others?

When we appreciate all our facets,

when we have the confidence to be all of who we are,

 we shine brightly just like the sun.


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