Freedom Coaching | ABOUT US
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About Us


Our mission is to create a world of harmony and delight. Our vision is of a beautiful garden with an abundance of flowers, alive, vibrant, with many different colours. A world of difference where uniqueness is celebrated and each contributes to and empowers the whole. First, we need to find harmony and see the beauty within our self. Then we create harmonious relationships with others. And, as we grow, we discover how we can contribute to the world at large and leave it in a better condition.






Originally trained as a coach, I now offer a mentoring service, helping others to understand who they are when they feel lost or broken. I’ve been there! The focus is on inner work; it is a journey to the heart. I do like to have fun along the way! With practical techniques and tools to create a new foundation, you can then step forward, feeling harmony within, knowing how you want to live your life and make a contribution to others.


I love meeting people, all sorts of people, and am passionate about learning, so it is an absolute delight for me to work with those who want to go on the journey of understanding who they are and overcome anything that limits them.


I support the Harpswell Foundation in Phnom Penh. A charitable organisation that provides education, housing, and leadership training for young women, I offer mentoring to some amazing, courageous young women on how to be their best.

At Harpswell, Cambodia