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12 Jan Taking care… of elderly parents

We hear it in the news, see it in our community, we may be experiencing it ourselves, more and more of us are facing the challenge of taking care of elderly parents – we’re challenged practically, mentally, emotionally, sometimes financially and legally. Roles are reversed as we take on responsibility for finances, health and welfare, and mum and dad’s living situation. This can creep up on us, or, come out-of-the-blue in...

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08 Jan Finding your voice

New year, new start - is it time to find a new way to express yourself? When we decide it's time for a new start, often it's the case that our soul is prompting us to be more of who we are. Being who we are is about sharing who we are, our energy, our light, and expressing our self openly and fully, from our heart. Not suppressing. Most of us can benefit...

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30 Dec What is your dream?

Here we are at the start of a New Year. A new adventure awaits us offering new opportunities, new learnings, new friendships.  What is your dream for 2018? If you knew that the whole universe is yours, you ARE the universe …. what is your dream for our planet in 2018; what is possible for you, your family, your community? how will you bring your light to others?   When we align with...

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Waipoua Kauri forest

30 Dec It’s all about the journey

  We often hear 'it’s all about the journey’. What does that mean to you? How do you live your life? Do you work, work, work, pushing, striving to achieve goals and acquire things? Do you allow time for what matters to you, to do what you feel passionate about, and simply be with those you care about? Or, do you put that off for another day? How much do you pay...

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