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14 Jan Keeping up your brilliance

This month I’m writing to you from Phnom Penh where I’m working with some young women supported by the Harpswell Foundation. The mission of this organisation is to nourish the potential in bright young women through providing housing, university education and leadership training. Strong, confident women from the provinces, where the norm for girls is often to leave school at age 14 and work in the rice fields or factories, I...

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Cape Town

14 Dec Hello, hello…

As the year comes to a close, many of us are saying goodbye to ‘the old me’ so we can step into the next cycle of energy as ‘the new me’. We've washed away what was necessary for our journey but is no longer needed for our growth. We've polished our diamond, and are stepping forward radiating our light! What are you saying ‘goodbye’ to? I’m saying goodbye to: - over-responsibility – carrying...

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10 Dec Freedom

Two weeks ago, I moved house. After ten years enjoying stunning views in Tai Tam, and with both children now living and working overseas, I decided it was time for a new beginning. Time for them to fly; time for me, too! As I look ahead to 2016, I feel excited; and the word that comes to me is ‘freedom’. I feel a sense that 2016 is a year when we...

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27 Oct A veneer

This time last year, I went to a workshop in Geelong near Melbourne. The night before the workshop began, a veneer on one of my front teeth fell off! A Friday night, in a small town, far away from home and my dentist. First reaction - horrified! How must I look? Then, when I took a deep breath, I saw...

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22 Oct D.I.V.O.R.C.E

Discovery Integrity Vitality Order from Chaos Rebirth Celebration Empowerment.   On the day that I walked into my divorce lawyer’s office, the first thing I saw was a photograph frame with these words. Quaking in my shoes, I could never imagine feeling empowered. It was hard to see how I might get through that day! My life was tied to my husband and family, I had lived only for them. How would I ever survive alone? And what...

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