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15 Dec Acceptance

One of the most challenging aspects of my personal growth work has been acceptance. And, it is what has given me my greatest gifts. Acceptance brings grace. Acceptance of self makes it easier to accept others. Acceptance of all that is brings peace into our heart. On a personal level, how much do you accept yourself…and others? How much do you accept your past? In Polishing The Diamond, I tell the story...

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12 Dec Value

Acknowledge As Christmas and the end of the year approach, it’s great to take time to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate what we love about our life and what we’ve created. So…. what you can you acknowledge yourself for over the past year? To what extent did you live in line with your intent, your values, your commitments? Did you achieve your goals, the success you are looking for? How much did you...

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08 Dec Welcome

Hello, and welcome to my blog. This is the first time I’ve written a blog. I feel excited with that fluttery sense of butterflies in my tummy. D’you know what I mean? I’ve never had any (conscious) ambition to be a writer. Two years ago however my intuition started to suggest that this was something I might do. I knew… I knew I was going to write; and I had no...

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