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Japanese peace garden in Wellington, NZ

17 Dec Friendship and understanding

  Yesterday I visited the Botanical Gardens in Wellington, New Zealand, perhaps best known for its Rose Garden. Tucked away in a corner near a little duck pond, I came across the Peace Garden, which houses a lantern, within which is a flame from the fire created by the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima, presented by Japan to the people of New Zealand in recognition of their stance against atomic weapons....

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Christmas flowers in New Zealand

11 Dec Stories

  In New Zealand, there's a story about the pohutukawa tree with it's beautiful crimson flowers that have become part of the country's Christmas tradition. Pohutukawa, meaning sprinkled by spray, is often found along the seashore. Maori legend say that a young warrior who was looking to find heaven in an attempt to avenge the death of his father fell to the earth and the fiery red flowers with golden tips...

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Alice and theMadhatter

04 Dec “Who in the world am I?”, asked Alice.

  "Who in the world am I?”, asked Alice in her quest for identity. On the surface, a story that is considered  by some to be about fun and nonsense, underneath a deeper meaning about growth and expansion. “Who am I?” - a great question for us all, even in our adult years, sometimes forced upon us when we feel lost or confused, sometimes simply when we choose to change our life. To...

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