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21 Nov It’s all in the story

  Here in New Zealand I’ve noticed that people often say “it’s all about the story”. This is part of who they are, what they stand for, what they offer. It's interesting then to ask : what story do you tell yourself - about yourself and your past if you were to write a new story, how would it look, what would you write for yourself what do you stand for what...

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Dream, inspire, courage, harmony

07 Nov Is it time to commit to yourself… and your service?

How much time do you give to your self? Is everything you do more important than time for you? How committed are you to being all of who you are, to exploring your potential? Is it time to make a commitment to your self and why you are here? To commit to your dreams? To your service?   This month we’ve been looking at choices. You might like to take a look at our blogs...

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The Sacred Way, Delphi. June 2015

03 Nov Standing upright and strong

  Do you stand tall, confident in who you are, happy to learn and grow? Or, do you play small and give your power away to others? Do you feel you have the freedom to be who you want to be so you can focus on the joy of your service? Or, is your focus on helping another achieve what they want to achieve? Can you celebrate being you as someone who stands...

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29 Oct The masks we wear

  A few weeks ago here in Hong Kong we enjoyed Mid Autumn Festival when traditionally family and friends come together outdoors to celebrate the harvest during the autumn full moon … and eat moon cakes! Tomorrow there will be another autumn festival – Halloween. Growing up in Scotland, what I remember about Halloween is bonfires, turnip lanterns, ‘dooking’ for apples, and the beginning of winter. These days, the focus seems to...

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