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Three-headed rose from mum's garden

23 Oct How do you bring joy to others?

  When was the last time you felt real joy? That feeling of you heart singing and feeling so good to be alive. What brings you joy? How often do you make time for it? Happiness, I’ve learned, can be fleeting. Usually it’s a response to something beautiful – seeing a lovely sunset, a baby’s first smile, enjoying food and wine with friends, to someone offering an act of kindness, perhaps feeling...

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Rangatira Park, Hobbiton, NZ

16 Oct Freedom of choice

  For the past few weeks, we’ve been taking a look at moving through change or making a new start, and what can get in the way of that. Now, our focus is on choice. For me, every moment we have choice… even when it may not feel like it! When I think I ‘have to’ do something, I often hear a voice pipe up and says ‘who says?’ If this happens for...

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Crossing the bridge

11 Oct Crossing the bridge

How do you see your life today? Is it one where you wake up feeling a sense of excitement, exhilaration, wondering what joys are in store? You move through your day, your senses awake, alert to opportunities to learn and grow. Or, is it the same old, same old, and you don't take time to think about how it could be different? Perhaps, deep down you know you want to...

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09 Oct The circle of life

A dear friend of mine recently lost both his parents within a very short period of time, then, soon afterwards his son announced that he and his wife are expecting a baby. A grandchild for him. The Circle of life. Nature’s way of taking and giving back life to earth – when something dies, it gives new life to another. The circle of unity with all things in the universe being inter-related...

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Staccioli sculpture near Volterra, June 2010.
Art ''en plien air" in Tuscany.

02 Oct Where are you going?

How do you find making decisions? Do you feel confident about the choices you make? Or, do you find it challenging - worry about getting it right, making a mistake, perhaps you will upset someone? Do you look to others to help you make choices? Do you use your head? Do you respond or react to situations? Or, do you stop and ask your intuition, and then act on the guidance you're...

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