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Tai Tam reservoir

21 Sep Ebony and ivory

I’ve always been touched by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder’s piece of music – 'Ebony and Ivory'. Each time I listen, I get goose bumps!  I truly believe we all want to live in harmony, so, what stops us from living in harmony with one another? At this moment in time, there is much fear and conflict in our world. Wisdom teaches us that, to be the change we want to see...

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Rose garden, Osaka

17 Sep Bringing in softness

It’s often said that our personal struggles offer our greatest lessons. When we experience hurt or loss, it can feel like we don’t have the strength to pick our self up and move on. Most times however we do. Somehow we find the courage to take the first step, then the next, until finally we find the focus and determination to make a new start. Sometimes however we over-compensate in order...

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Matamata, Wai

14 Sep How do you talk to yourself?

How often do you criticise yourself? How often do you doubt, tell yourself you could never do this or that? How kindly do you talk to yourself? Our mind can either have us feeling confident about who we are, or, it can bring us down in a nanosecond. What is your pattern?  Are you someone who tends to tell yourself you need to try harder…get it right… do it better? Or, are you someone...

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Huayna Picchu, Peru

10 Sep D’you ever feel disappointed?

D’you ever feel disappointed? In yourself, in others? Does your life feel like a roller-coaster ride of up and down mood swings? If it does, it’s good to understand what expectations you have because, one thing is for sure, whenever you feel disappointed, there is some expectation lurking in the background whether you’re aware of it or not. When we have an expectation, what we’re saying is that we would like to...

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Water buffalo Tanzania

07 Sep Procrastination

How often do you hesitate to start working on something if you think you can’t do it? How much do you put off crucial decisions because you're unable to make up your mind? Are you waiting for something magical to happen and be inspired? For some of us, procrastination is simply the way we function best – we work well under pressure. For many others, procrastination is a symptom of fear,...

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