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Giraffe - Jongomero, Tanzania

28 Aug Stretching and growing

This past week, many children have returned to school; some have started school for the first time. I received photos from my niece and also from a friend of their five year olds in school uniform for the first time. How they had stretched, how they had grown, I thought. Which got me thinking… about growing. I firmly believe that we are all here to learn and grow; and we can...

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15 Aug In what ways d’you resist change?

Many of us are experiencing challenges right now. It’s as if we are being propelled forward to do things differently. And yet, we may find that we're hesitating. How can we find the courage to go after our heart’s desire? I see us as being here to learn and grow. We grow through change; we can grow through our personal challenges. Why is it then that the one thing that's certain...

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tiger2 copy

07 Aug Could you be a sleeping tiger?

Are you someone dozing in the shade? Your life is comfortable, your needs are met … and … ? Did you once upon a time dream? What happened to your dreams? What if… it’s not too late to make them a reality? What would it mean to you to live in a world of colour, adventure, maybe even magical powers! When might it be time to wake up and become who you’re...

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