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11 Oct Mirror, mirror…

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? How do you like to be seen? How we see our self is often not who we really are. Sometimes we wear masks - and I don't mean Halloween masks! Take a look at my blog where I've written more about our masks and see if you can spot yours! Often the masks we wear can be seen in our relationships. Do you struggle with...

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30 Sep Yes…or no?

Whether you’re a parent or not, we all know that stage in a child’s life when, no matter what you ask, the answer is always “NO!” What then happens to change this? Why is it that so many of us are challenged to say ‘no’ …or ask for what we want? When we claim our value, we find our voice and speak passionately about what matters to us. Sometimes however when our emotional...

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07 Sep Bringing in softness

It’s often said that our personal struggles offer our greatest lessons. When we experience hurt or loss, it can feel like we don’t have the strength to pick our self up and move on. Most times we do. Somehow we find the courage to take the first step, then the next until finally we find the focus and determination to make a new start. Sometimes however we can over-compensate in order...

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11 Aug The lion’s pride

August. For many of us in the northern hemisphere, August is about sunshine and holidays. Astrologically, August begins with Leo. Just like the lion, Leo is often associated with strength, power, making their presence known, its roar… and also pride. Pride is just one of the qualities of the Celebrity archetype, who likes to be the centre of attention, bask in the sun, just like the lion. Whilst it’s healthy to feel...

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30 Jul The mighty oak

Visiting Scotland recently, I couldn’t help but notice the many magnificent, tall oak trees; and I was reminded of the ancient Celts and their love of forests, Mother Nature and the great web of life itself. Many cultures see the oak tree as a symbol of strength and endurance. For me, it's a reminder for us to stand tall and live our soul purpose. As a child, I was once criticised for...

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