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13 Feb It’s all about… perception

These past few weeks, we’ve offered some tips to those of you who have decided it's time to change. You've decided to make a new start and and now you are imagining how you will live and who you are going to be. You are getting ready to create a new seed pod within your self. Wonderful! If you missed our 'New Start, New You" visualisation exercise, you can still...

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16 May Hold fast

Looking through my mum’s family tree recently, I saw that her family (MacLeod) motto is “Hold fast”… which got me thinking. Whenever we experience a struggle in life, whether it's to do with our health, money, a relationship or with our career, how easy is it to lose sight of who we are? We fall into our emotions, we become confused, discombobulated, we don’t know what to do, we can fall...

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