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03 May Let’s talk about it… about growing old… and dying

We talk about how we want to live. I say let’s also talk about how we want to grow old, and how we want to die. After all, it’s going to happen to us all! Over the past 11 months, in taking care of my mum’s affairs and being with my sister who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I’ve had some conversations I never imagined. They have been necessary; many focused...

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30 Sep Yes…or no?

Whether you’re a parent or not, we all know that stage in a child’s life when, no matter what you ask, the answer is always “NO!” What then happens to change this? Why is it that so many of us are challenged to say ‘no’ …or ask for what we want? When we claim our value, we find our voice and speak passionately about what matters to us. Sometimes however when our emotional...

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30 Jul The mighty oak

Visiting Scotland recently, I couldn’t help but notice the many magnificent, tall oak trees; and I was reminded of the ancient Celts and their love of forests, Mother Nature and the great web of life itself. Many cultures see the oak tree as a symbol of strength and endurance. For me, it's a reminder for us to stand tall and live our soul purpose. As a child, I was once criticised for...

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19 May Gucci goes to heaven!

Only in Hong Kong! I had to laugh when I read in the local newspaper the other day that the latest trend in our city where women love to shop is to buy Gucci handbags for the dead. Yes, it seems that fake Gucci bags are being bought to be burned at funerals or to be carried around in heaven! Whatever justification is used for shopping, when it becomes a habit...

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09 May Where do you struggle?

Most of us have one area in our life where we struggle. It might be relationships, it might be career, it might be with money or not having enough time. Until we identify the core issue, we repeat the patterns – the same way of thinking and behaving. Over and over again. What if…you could change that? What would it mean to you if...

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