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18 Apr A thought – for parents

Having lived in Hong Kong for nearly 30 years, I’ve heard many, many complaints about the education system. I’ve heard complaints about competition for school places, the rote system of learning, too much homework, too much pressure, children not getting enough sleep, not enough time for play. Recently, an increase in the number of teenage suicides has been reported. A couple of weeks ago, we were told that ‘sleepless children...

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08 Apr Body, mind and spirit

I like to start on a positive note with clients and ask what they love about being who they are. Many women say they like the fact that they are kind and caring. When I then ask how kind and caring are they towards self….. often there is silence as the penny drops and they see that the caring is a little lop-sided. Perhaps, ladies, it's time to think about how...

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Cape Town

14 Dec Hello, hello…

As the year comes to a close, many of us are saying goodbye to ‘the old me’ so we can step into the next cycle of energy as ‘the new me’. We've washed away what was necessary for our journey but is no longer needed for our growth. We've polished our diamond, and are stepping forward radiating our light! What are you saying ‘goodbye’ to? I’m saying goodbye to: - over-responsibility – carrying...

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22 Oct D.I.V.O.R.C.E

Discovery Integrity Vitality Order from Chaos Rebirth Celebration Empowerment.   On the day that I walked into my divorce lawyer’s office, the first thing I saw was a photograph frame with these words. Quaking in my shoes, I could never imagine feeling empowered. It was hard to see how I might get through that day! My life was tied to my husband and family, I had lived only for them. How would I ever survive alone? And what...

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05 Oct The voice

When I felt lost and confused and didn't know which way to turn, one of my biggest challenges was making decisions. What to do? Well-meaning friends all had advice to offer - along with different voices within me. Which voice do you listen to - the still soft voice of your soul, the voice of your ego that tells you what you want to hear, or the voice of your mind...

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