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Unlock, Release & Reconnect

Embark on a journey of discovery – with the emphasis on being light-hearted and having fun! Our aim is to give you the key to:

  • See and align with who you truly are
  • Release any conditioning that limits you
  • Unlock your potential. Reconnect to your inner strength and purpose, and manifest a life that you love and makes a contribution to others.




First, you create a foundation by:

  • understanding who you are, exploring light and shadow, unravelling conditioning, self perceptions and habits, then deciding what to release
  • becoming clear in decision-making, learning to be discerning
  • getting over any wall of insecurity, creating a life of trust, confidence and value
  • learning the skills and techniques to step out of emotions and become responsible for creating your own sense of happiness and well-being.


Then, you focus on taking care of your self – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Connect with your soul, discover a new consciousness and share your gift with the world. This will bring you a sense of purpose and meaning – and great joy!




Our programmes are designed to help you understand who you are, to see that you have value, to appreciate it, enjoy being you … and relish life itself! To do what you love and create the life that you want. To live life fully!


Complete this short questionnaire , then we can arrange a free 20 minute chat by Skype to discuss the most appropriate programme to suit your time, interests and budget. Here are some of the options:


Archetypes Mentoring – A doorway to knowing yourself. First, understand your personal makeup and see how the different energies work well together, or not, and in the process uncover your gifts. The more you see the patterns within yourself, the more understanding you will have for others.


Become clear about who you are, then see how your archetypes play out in the areas of money/value, relationships and purpose. You can choose whether to to enjoy one, two, three or four modules… or take up a special 12 session plan designed to give you a taste of each. The cost of the latter is US$ 1599.


Glynis is a Facilitator of the Essential Archetypes ™ created, copyrighted, owned and trademarked by Helen Barton and Insight (Aust) PTY Ltd.


The Diamond Within The Heart – When you decide it’s time for you, you know there’s a reason why you’re here yet you’re not sure how that looks, discover the diamond within your heart and claim your unique value. Diamonds sometimes need a polish, all you have to do is wash away the dirt and bring in some light. Then you can stand up and step forward. Click here when you want to shine!


Workshops –  In our workshops we offer our teaching about The Diamond Within our Heart. The good news is – we all have a diamond within our heart! We ARE the diamond.




For audiences who want to learn more about body, mind and spirit, I’m delighted to share what I’ve learned from the challenges in my life, offering practical tips on how to move beyond any struggle.


I can share my experience of meditating – sometimes wonderful, sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating! I can offer practical tips on finding more confidence, learning to speak up; or how to find harmony within our self through acceptance and dealing with self-judgment. Of course, I will be delighted to tailor-make a presentation to meet your needs. For booking enquiries, click here.

I’m also available to work privately with anyone who wants to speak up!