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Like all precious gems, diamonds need to be taken care of and sometimes they need to be cleaned and polished. Just as a rock in a riverbed can collect debris, so our diamond within can get covered with layers of pain and disappointment. The opportunity is to cleanse and bring it back to the surface and into the sunlight so you can step forwards your soul shining brightly.


Sometimes we may need to turn our diamond around and look at it from a different angle so that light falls on it in a different way. And so we open up the potential for our heart to expand.


Whether you want to find more time, create happier relationships, learn about your purpose in life, find your voice and feel more confident about expressing yourself, this workshop can be tailor-made to suit your needs.


We are available to bring this to your group, private or corporate, wherever you are situated geographically.


Minimum number of participants 8.


Price on request.


For enquiries, email us.