Helping you positively thrive through change


 Glynis Stevens

                              Mentor & Facilitator

Next Book Group begins in March.

How about joining our Book Group for ongoing exercises and opportunities?

To get started, join our 2-week mastermind coming together with others, discussing what you want to change in your life, and how we can help and support each other during that change.

We’ll look at what you don’t think you can control, what you can control, and how you can feel comfortable being seen and heard.

Then, you can join the Diamond Within the Heart Book Group where we will study “Polishing the Diamond”, a roadmap to who you are becoming.

I will help you to get out of your head and into your heart. To be real and spontaneous in the moment. To be fearless as you move into the real you!

Are You Ready for a New Start?

  • The biggest breakthroughs in life often come through our challenges, or, after a period of feeling stuck when we find the courage to do something new. Deciding to make a new start is the most important step!

    There are lots of things to consider in changing our life. We need to be willing to be who we are and trust our intuition. Practically, we need to start doing things differently and move beyond our comfort zone.

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