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A call to adventure

This month we’re talking about the journey, your personal journey… to discovering who you are and living from your true nature.

I must admit that one the great joys in life for me is travelling. I love to travel to new places, to meet people from different backgrounds, hear people’s stories, find hidden gems along the way…. the wonder of a work of art, exquisite architecture, trying out new foods or seeing the beauty in nature. For me, travel fills my curiosity, you can learn so much, and it’s an opportunity to form friendships, to develop a deeper understanding of our shared humanity. It’s great for the body and soul, it opens you up and of course, it helps you learn to rely upon yourself!

When it comes to your personal adventure, where does it start, why do it? It often begins with a longing for something more, a search for answers, a longing for a sense of freedom. It often means leaving the familiar behind, turning inwards, and you can sometimes feel lost and confused. However, when you come home to yourself, you discover a sense of wholeness, of harmony and peace… you find a pure zest for living and your world opens up. Magic!

Where to start? What path to follow? Does it matter if you have a destination in place? Does age matter? These are questions we’ll be looking at over the next few weeks

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