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A shell of protection

Still talking about being seen naked….  when you’re naked, you can’t hide what you don’t like about yourself. So, if somewhere inside you judge yourself, you think you are bad on some level, you will create a mask, a shell of protection to prove you’re not this or that.

If, you believe that you’re better than, you deserve more, you may become driven to acquire status, possessions, qualifications to compensate for what you see as lack in your life… to show people that you are worthwhile, you are successful.

Its all about appearance.   

If you feel uncomfortable without a mask, it’s good to ask yourself why do you need a mask.

A mask will give you a feeling of security, for example it can be a shield against rejection, however that mask can become your prison. The only true security comes from understanding and accepting who you are, knowing your gifts and abilities, and your challenges through which you’re learning. 

This is so important….with all the change and upheaval we’re experiencing, you need to know that you are capable and that, no matter what happens, you will find the resources within you to overcome any challenge, to pick yourself up and rebuild your life.

Are you ready to truly get to know who you are?

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