About Glynis

Originally certified as a life coach and trainer helping clients to understand and move beyond their emotional fears, I now offer a mentoring service helping you to let it be and enjoy life being the best you can be.

Experiencing significant stress and change – perhaps as a result of divorce, the loss of a loved one, a major health issue, relocation – you may feel that you no longer have any value, you have no role to play. On the other hand, you may have achieved great material success, yet feel there is something missing – you’ve lost your sense of meaning or purpose – and are looking for more fulfilling relationships. Something needs to change, you say.

The focus is on inner work; it’s a journey to the heart. It’s good to have fun along the way! With practical techniques and tools to create a new foundation, you can then move forward in balance, and thrive rather than simply survive!

Passionate about learning, curious about people, I’ve travelled to many places around the world which has allowed me to experience different cultures, different people, different needs.

I’ve supported the Harpswell Foundation in Phnom Penh, a charitable organisation providing education, housing, and leadership training for young women.

When you’re ready to let go of anything that holds you back, enjoy our meditation and let go of the shackles.


“Glynis is a gifted speaker and coach. She has a knack for coming up with innovative ways to present course material that literally wows the audience. Don’t be fooled by Glynis’ small stature – she is a dynamo. Any workshop that Glynis is teaching will be both informative and life-changing – guaranteed”.


“Before I met Glynis, I was in life’s disaster zone – I was grieving the death of my mom, my career felt like it was in a tailspin, my self- esteem/confidence were poor, parenting was a daily misery, the list goes on… I felt safe, motivated and inspired working with Glynis. I found her to be gentle and caring. She was also fearless in digging deep with her questions that got me to the truth of my issues…and sometimes that truth was challenging to face. Today I’m practising seeing that the world is for me rather than against me. I have everything I need, I am a man with unique talents yet I no longer expect myself to be extraordinary. Instead of trying to control life, I am practising trusting the process of life and that gives me more peace of mind. Life is beautiful”.


“Before I met Glynis, others saw me as a confident, strong, independent woman. It was all an act. The truth was I was afraid of what others thought of me, afraid of letting people down, afraid of rejection. I felt anxious, uptight, reactionary and bitter. I was sceptical of the coaching process – I didn’t want to be fixed! Glynis dealt with my uncertainty in a powerful, positive and encouraging way. I found her easy to talk to and felt completely at ease with divulging the most intimate details. I felt I could trust her and learned to be vulnerable in sharing myself. She challenged some of my perceptions, which gave me great insight and understanding as to how fear was running my life. I cannot put into words the gift that Glynis has given to me. I can now be myself, be my best self, and see the good in others. I look to cherish every moment in life for the gift that it is. I feel more confident and have peace of mind”


“Since I was a teenager my bodyweight has fluctuated up and down like a yo-yo; my relationship with food and alcohol has left a lot to be desired! My motivation for coaching was to get to the root of the problem – I was tired of it all. Through coaching with Glynis, I explored my behaviour, feelings, beliefs and much, much more. Glynis coached me with a beautiful combination of courage and kindness. She gently asked me questions that helped peel off the layers. I learned to trust her and found the confidence to share all of myself with her. What did I get? A deeper understanding of who I am and some great tools to change my behaviour. I’ve learned how to be all of who I am including that part that is soft, gentle and vulnerable; and I’ve learned that living is about now, the moment. I feel empowered!”


Working with Glynis has provided me with so many breakthroughs, the greatest one of all being that I am enough. I now have a true appreciation of my value, which has made me feel more confident and grounded. The Archetypes Mentoring program has given me a deeper understanding of the energies within me and how I can get them to work together to feel more competent. I have learnt so many new skills, how to set lighthearted boundaries, how to communicate more effectively and the importance of acknowledging my feelings by connecting with my intuition/heart.


“Coaching with Glynis has been life changing for me — worth every minute. We’ve had an amazingly frank and honest relationship, much more impactful than counselling. The greatest gift has been learning to love my life, possibly for the first time ever. The number one shift I experienced was self acceptance. I have more understanding of myself and my behaviours and much better communication in my relationships”


“Coaching with Glynis has helped me to transform my life. The cup is now half full. I am no longer the caterpillar crawling around in the undergrowth eating everyone’s leftovers and “making do”. I am the beautiful butterfly spreading her wings and opening herself up to the wonders that life has to offer. If you are willing to look inside yourself, all the answers are there, it is just too frightening to go there by yourself. Glynis provides a warm and compassionate environment with a firm yet caring approach to explore those feelings and find the tools to support you in your metamorphosis.”


“Glynis brings many rare and valuable qualities to her work and indeed to all her relationships – her own life experience, her compassion, her passion for bringing out the best in people, her unfailing belief in people’s innate goodness, and trust in the possibility of change, growth and healing”.


“Glynis combines a depth of life experience and coaching skills into a first-rate presentation. Working with her brought me great insight that continues to propel me forward. I’m even finding that I’m more courageous in my day-to-day life! I believe her workshop would be compelling and relevant for anyone”.