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If you feel that your life has been turned upside down, you no longer know who you are, you just don’t know how you’ll survive…..there is a way, you CAN positively thrive!

This introductory plan will help you to understand your energy without blame of judgement. You will see your strengths and gifts and what can trip you up, and get tools to move beyond anything that is getting in the way of you moving forwards.

It will help you to feel strong, confident and happy about who you are so you can look to the future and know that you can create the life that you want.

The programme consists of 6 online sessions  meeting once a week for 45 minutes. The cost is NZ$ 1800.

You can sign up here or, if you prefer, take our 15 minute quiz and see what it tells you. Just contact me


Archetypes Mentoring