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True joy

In our last blog, we touched on the topic of choosing to be joyful rather than be angry and reactive, or, live in grief and pain. What is joy? Thinking of joy, we might remember occasions when we felt really happy, when we felt a sense of sheer delight. Perhaps when we… received a gift, […]

Choose joy!

Learning to respond rather than react  – how do you do that, you might ask?  It’s all about managing our emotions, then taking responsiblity and focusing on how we want to be. Unless we had an extraordinary parent or teacher, most of us don’t learn to manage and process our feelings. It’s normal to be […]

D’you react or respond?

What’s your way – d’you tend to react, or, respond to life? Recently we’ve been looking at how expectations can result in frustration and disappointment, at how the beliefs that fuel our expectations keep us in a box, limiting our choices. When we don’t achieve the outcome we planned, when things don’t happen just when […]

Loving messages

How aware are you of the messages you give to your children? How do you show delight in your child? We all know that our children feel valued and loved when we give them our warmth, love and attention and show delight in who they are. Self confidence comes from positive, encouraging messages, especially when […]