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Awake to your intuition

Like our emotional triggers, our mind can also play games with us. It can have us worry about this and that, debate what’s right or wrong, argue about what we should/shouldn’t do, anticipate the worst, criticise, chatter, chatter, trapping us in conditions…. and creating so much noise!

You can free yourself from this by relaxing and becoming quiet, awakening to your intuition, developing a sensitivity and listening to it’s messages. Unlike your mind which likes to doubt or limit, you intuition will focus on what is possible.

Accessing your intuition, listening to your heart is the best way to learn to trust and believe in yourself. When you trust yourself, you know that you’re good enough just as you are. You’re not afraid of making mistakes because you know that you learn and grow from experiences. There’s no such thing as ‘mistakes’, simply experiences. You stop trying to control life and instead have faith in your ability to respond to it and deal with any messiness. You’re aware… of your body, your feelings, thoughts, your values and so on. You’re discerning – aware of the energy of people around you, the impact of your energy on others – and can set boundaries. You accept what is, you accept the choices of others; you choose how you respond.

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