Reach for the sky!

The oak tree’s roots go as deep as its branches reach up to the sky – as above so below. How strong is your foundation, how far do you reach?  

How clear are you on who you are, where you're going, who you are becoming;Do you have a clear vision for what you want to achieve; orDo you feel ...
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Hold fast to who you are

Looking through my mum’s family tree, I found it interesting to see that her family motto is “Hold fast”. It had me pondering....

When we experience any change or struggle in life, whether it's to do with our health, money, a relationship or with our career, it can be easy to lose sight of who we are. We can fall i...

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Fertilise the ground

All things change and, as we clear away the old, as we emerge from the chrysalis, we slowly become aware of a release from worry and uncertainty. We feel calm once again. Things are going to be ok, somehow we know. We can breathe. Transformation is at work.

Now it’s time to fertilise the ground for our new beginning, t...

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Pushed to the edge? Celebrate!

Sometimes we need to break to let go and heal.

When we have pressure upon pressure piled on us, often its the case that we are simply being asked to let go and surrender and ask for help. Do you allow yourself to go that far?

When we’re going through any period of in...

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Make a difference - smile!

When things are tough and we’re not sure what we can do, we wonder how we can make a difference, one of the simplest gifts we can offer is a smile. Every human being longs for connection. A smile is a simple, pure, humble connection. When we smile, we offer our light, and a moment when the other feels recognised, acknowledged, accepted. It costs nothing, it uplifts, the ...

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Until we change, nothing makes a difference.

For a good time now, there’s been so much talk about change. With all the upheaval, we’ve talked about what sort of world we’d like to see, what is our vision of heaven on earth, how we’d like to do things differently. And…. we’ve been reminded of the old wisdom to ‘be the change we want to see in the world’

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All is well

When we’re in the middle of a challenge, when we're in pain, we might not like to hear that we’re never given more than we can handle and that all is well. So, how can we get to that place of accepting, of trusting, of knowing that all is well, always?

When we accept that we’re here to learn and grow, that our soul...

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Crisis or opportunity?

We’ve all heard it – every crisis offers opportunity – and that might not be what we want to hear when we’re in the middle of it!

When it feels like life has been turned upside down, it’s all too easy to fall into feeling sorry for ourselves even if it’s only momentarily.

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Being seen and heard

We’ve talked in recent weeks about the world being turned upside down and the opportunity to create a better world, imagining what we’d like to see. Of course, we need to look at how we would like to change and who we would like to become.

Often when we go through any change in life, somewhere behind the scenes our ...

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As a child, I was small and skinny. I wore National Health Service glasses – pink plastic ones. I was teased horribly and felt ugly. I felt different, sometimes lonely. I was told I was sensitive. I never saw myself as being strong or courageous. Yet, what I learned from experiencing so much change in life, is that each of us has what we need - and strength and courage c...

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