Creating space

For as long as I can remember, I’ve written about change - navigating life’s challenges, making a new start, learning the lessons our soul wants us to learn. Change, they say, is the only thing in life that is certain. I've experienced a few, in fact have often said that 'change' should be my middle name! How funny then that here I am sharing another change... Over the...
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Seeing your gifts

How well do you see:

your personal strengths and giftsthe learning, the gift of your journey so farthe gift of others in your life?

When times are tough, it’s easy to lose our self assurance and feel that we’re not the kindest, smartest, most car...

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Clarity - around your story

What story do you tell yourself, your friends, your colleagues about your life? Do you quietly share your achievements, your joy, or, do you talk about your challenges, your struggles? Do you talk about a relationship that's ended, a life that fell apart? A family who abused you? A business partner who sold their shares behind your back?

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Clarity and responsibility

In times when we are challenged, sometimes what we need to do is change our attitude – and often it’s the case that we need to stop feeling like a victim and take responsibility.

Everything that we love about our life, everything we don’t like about our reality, is our responsibility. We are the one constant in it ...

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How clear are you about your value?

How secure do you feel within yourself?

How clear are you about your value?

How confident are you about the role you play ...

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Clarity of purpose

How clear are you about why you are here and what is your purpose?

Sometimes events happen in life that have us feeling knocked for six and we may become aware that we no longer know why we’re here. We might think that we no longer have a role to play.

Other times, l...

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Clarity of thinking

How clear are you in your thinking... how well do you manage your thoughts?

Do you tend to…

feel confused, sometimes overwhelmed, so much so that you are oblivious to what is going on around youget easily di...
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Emotional clarity

Is life for you a roller-coaster of emotions;do you live from one drama to another;how well do you manage and express your emotions?

With an emphasis on thinking clearly and belief systems tending to teach us not to feel this way or that, many of us find it tricky to understand and be clear about our e...

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As we enter a new decade, a new energy, we want to be clear about who we are and where we’re going. How certain are you of yourself?

How clear are you in your thinking, how easily do you make decisionsHow clear are you in terms of how you feel, how well do you manage your emotionsHow clear are you on ...
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Blue skies...

Here we are about to step into a New Year. How are you feeling? D’you feel...

optimistic – your heart full of anticipation;clear about who you are and where you’d like to go;happy to be who you are?

How willing are you to step into and explore ...

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