Seeing through the eyes of your heart

Last week we talked about moving beyond appearance, seeing the significance of things and I asked the question –

Are you willing to see life through the eyes of your heart and explore what is possible?

When we look at ...

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Beyond appearance

Living in in Hong Kong taught me a lot about appearance. What d'you think about appearance? How does it work in your life?

In Hong Kong where appearance was important, I always made sure that my toes were painted, my hair high-lighted, bikini line waxed and body toned!! Life however can have a way of bringing us down to ...

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Accepting difference

Like leaves on a tree, we’re all different, and, at the same time, we each contribute to the whole. Trees have different meanings for different cultures, yet commonly symbolise strength and growth, uniqueness, harmony and balance, rebirth and renewal…and the energy is peaceful.

Why then is it as humans that we’re c...

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Beauty and colour

As we look back over 2020, my goodness what a year it’s been! With so many unexpected events, it’s been challenging for each of us in many different ways - individually and collectively.

How did you find a sense of stability?What is your perception of why this is all happening?What do you think nee...
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Acceptance and peace

Two years ago I wrote about how to find peace when it feels like your world has been turned upside down. Then the focus was on personal change and the turmoil that can come, for example, through relocation, the end of a relationship, ill health, the death of a loved one, and so on. Never did I imagine that change would come on a global scale such as we’re experiencing no...

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A different Christmas

This Christmas is going to be different! Often defined by tradition, with the prospect of not having that this year, it’s important to accept how things are, to be realistic … and adapt. We don't want to put others at risk so this is truly a time to focus on the good of all.

There are so many ways to spread the joy o...

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Emotional resilience

It’s not always easy to find resilience. When you have the ground whipped out from beneath you, it's easy feel helpless and think that you’ll never survive. You may feel that you no longer know who you are, or, what you want in life.

Challenges however offer us a great opportunity to find our inner strength and adapt...

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Finding resilience - this Christmas

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year… A time of coming together, sharing food with family and friends, twinkling lights, candles, singing carols...a time of joy. For many, however, the reality is... a time of dread, one of the most challenging times of the year. With Covid, this Christmas is going to be different for a great many of us.

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Look me in the eye.

The other week I attended a workshop designed to help understand and support children with 'disabilities'. As a mum with a daughter diagnosed as having Asperger’s Syndrome, as a volunteer for Riding for the Disabled, for me 'disability' is not something to be fixed, it's a different way of being. As with all children, we help them grow by encouraging them to do what they...

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Courage to be you

As a child, I was small and skinny. I wore National Health Service glasses – pink plastic ones. I was teased horribly and felt ugly. I felt different, alone. I was told I was sensitive. I never saw myself as being strong or courageous. Yet, what I learned from experiencing change in life is that each of us has what we need to navigate our challenges, and, strength and co...

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