A gentle breeze, or, howling gale.

Are you curious about who you are?

Are you open to change?

Are your thoughts inclusive and kind?

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Feeling the earth beneath your feet

When we’re going through any period of change whether it's within your self, with your family or in your relationships, it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed mentally and emotionally, so it’s important to ground our energy.

Earth is the element that anchors us, that offers us the grounding we need to operate both ...

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Water, water...

Conscious of the world shifting and changing, observing wild weather patterns and power struggles in constitutions across the globe, these past few weeks we’ve been looking at the topic of change, conflict, anger, fire… within relationships.

Of course our most important relationship is with ourself – between our p...

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Fire as inspiration

Our world is going through a challenging time and, like the weather, a hurricane of mental confusion and emotional energy is being stirred up by events on every continent. Fires and floods are creating havoc, just as our anger, fear and judgement can be destructive.

On a personal level, we’ve looked at how to manage di...

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Rubbing up against each other

For all that we may resist conflict or challenging experiences, sometimes rubbing up against each other is what is needed for us to change. Fire is the energy that begins the process of transformation. With every challenge we encounter, there’s an opportunity to learn what we need to learn, a rough piece of the surface can be worn off and a smooth, polished facet created...

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More peaceful, harmonious relationships

We’ve talked about managing difference in our relationships and whether our pattern is to judge or blame, to dominate, or perhaps keep silent. Many clients I find are uncomfortable dealing with conflict. Practically what can we do that can help create more peaceful, harmonious relationships?  

You can:

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Difference in relationships

Accepting that we are unique, the question perhaps is …how do we manage difference in our relationships?

Since we all have our own perspectives and beliefs, differences are inevitable. What matters is how we manage these differences, and, this can make our relationship stronger or create a power struggle that tears it ...

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Difference - the only thing we have in common?

Passing through Heathrow last weekend, an HSBC advertisement caught my eye. ‘Difference – the only thing we have in common’, it declared, underpinned by the tagline ‘Together we thrive’. It got me pondering.

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, we are each unique. We live our highest potential only when we can ...

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Heaven on earth

Have you ever experienced a moment of sheer joy when your heart felt like you could hardly speak?

A moment of awe when you felt the harmony and beauty of everything around you?


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He tangata – it’s the people

Here in New Zealand, there's a Maori proverb which ponders what is the most important thing in the world. Their answer is 'he tangata, he tangata, he tangata' – it is the people, the people, the people.

People here, I've found, are warm and friendly, down-to-earth, open and respectful. They tend to be humble. They list...

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