Messy woman

Born to be real, not perfect

Are you someone who’s been who you thought you should be for years and years and now you’re beginning to realise it’s not who you really are – you’ve just had enough of living a lie?

You may have played a role …perhaps Wonder-woman or Miss Perfect, your house neat and tidy, it looks like something out of a glossy magazine, and while you might cringe admitting it, you know somewhere inside that it doesn’t feel like a real home. You yourself, perfectly put together, never a hair out of place. It’s exhausting physically, emotionally, mentally constantly feeling a need to be picture perfect.

You may have played other roles. Trying to fit an image that you believe you have to be just doesn’t allow for your uniqueness! When you have a judgement within you, nothing outside is going to change it, you need to let go of all your criticism. Accept yourself, like yourself, love yourself with your mind because then in your heart it means you know who you are, warts and all, and that’s ok! Being your true self, that’s where freedom lies. Freedom is about who you are and how you feel, and its about the joy of being alive!

Being real can be messy! Life is about laughter and tears, it’s about fullness. Just be yourself and be with people who love you for who you are.

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