A gentle breeze, or, howling gale.

Are you curious about who you are?

Are you open to change?

Are your thoughts inclusive and kind?

If so, the energy you’re tapping into is the element of air. Air is about our communication, concepts, the bigger picture.

Air used constructively communicates with our heart, our soul. It’s creative – original and versatile – it’s light. It listens to and can inspire others to dream and reach high. And, when we’re aligned with the diamond within our heart, the spark of light that is the essence of who we are, anything is possible!

This element is needed to keep energy moving, it can’t keep still. If it stops to analyse ‘why’, it can slow things down and get stuck.

Those of us with the element of air in our archetypal make-up are natural communicators, we enjoy engaging with others and can be very sociable. Some of the best collaborators have strong air energy, as are great diplomats. However, the challenge for diplomats is people-pleasing – they need to be appreciated. To overcome this, the opportunity is to learn to communicate in an elegant, refined way without sabotaging themselves.  

Air represents our thoughts.  Of course, our mind can go round in circles, and, it can easily get bored which means that we can get distracted, our energy scatters and we’re unable to focus on achieving our goals. And, if our mindset worries about getting it right, we may procrastinate and fail to achieve anything. When we think we can’t, we get stuck resisting the flow of life. We become stubborn, our energy heavy.

If our mind is highly critical, the opportunity is to open our heart and be willing to understand others. To learn to be objective, to develop attitudes based on facts and truth, not on our judgements or any feeling of not being good enough. To accept the divine in everyone even when they behave in a way we don’t like. After all we each have free will.

Right now our world is going through a time of enormous judgement as reflected by hurricanes and storms on every continent. How can you respect different perspectives and accept what is, even when you disagree? How can you balance your thoughts (air) and emotions (water) so that you can stand steady when everything around you is changing?

Feeling the earth beneath your feet

When we’re going through any period of change whether it’s within your self, with your family or in your relationships, it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed mentally and emotionally, so it’s important to ground our energy.

Earth is the element that anchors us, that offers us the grounding we need to operate both physically and spiritually. Earth asks us to be responsible for building our foundation to support ourselves through the nourishment it offers. Spiritually it’s about creating abundance.

If you have an earth archetype within your make-up, it’s likely that you will be reliable, practical, thorough; and you may be stubborn, critical, pessimistic. You are like a rock – solid – and stand in the present. Whenever you commit, you commit totally and will patiently build foundations, creating the structures to live safely and securely, step by step, never rushing into anything. You like to feel safe, secure and in control, and can help others to do the same. Most likely you bring structure and organisation to everyday life.

In relationships earth archetypes can be taken for granted because of their very qualities, and can be confused and agitated by the energy and speed of air. On the other hand, water nurtures earth.

When the world experiences earthquakes, the universe is showing us where we’re not grounded, where we’re resisting the energy within us to be kind and support each other, where we may be controlling too much. If we don’t take care of ourselves physically, then the ground beneath us can be shaky.

Earth is where we put ourselves in boxes saying we ‘should’, we ‘must’, we ‘have to’, so it’s about our limitations and resistances. As we let these go, the earth becomes a solid foundation.

When we feel thrown off balance, we need to learn how to combine our elements cohesively. It’s always good to simply stop, breathe and focus on our breath.

Water, water…

Conscious of the world shifting and changing, observing wild weather patterns and power struggles in constitutions across the globe, these past few weeks we’ve been looking at the topic of change, conflict, anger, fire… within relationships.

Of course our most important relationship is with ourself – between our personality and soul, and between aspects of our personality – and that is reflected in the energy we send out into the world. When we feel at odds with ourself, it’s an opportunity to resolve a soul lesson and align.

So…it’s good to understand how our qualities and the different elements of our energy work in balance or out of balance. For example, fire can warm or blaze, it can motivate and inspire, or destroy. It operates well through air – inspiration through creativity – while it becomes impatient with the slowness of water.

What about water? Water is about how we feel, how we give and receive love. It’s the element that nurtures our self and others , and is sensitive to signals around us. It’s the energy of flow, serenity, compassion; and where we hold our fears. When we love and accept ourself, it’s easier to accept others. Those with a strong water element can be easily consumed by relationships and the needs of others, oversensitive to others’ energy. There can be floods of tears; sometimes a dam bursts if feelings have been suppressed.

Water represents our emotional body; and when we’re trapped in our emotional body, it creates the feelings that lead to judgments. The perception of the emotional body is that we must never feel anything uncomfortable or unpleasant.

Those with an archetype whose element is water may feel incomplete without a  partner and give totally, they can lose their sense of identity in a relationship. Or, they may have a strong need to understand hidden motivations and constantly be asking ‘why?’

Of course, our personality consists of different aspects, elements, we have four archetypes, and the trick is to have them working together in balance. Collaboration. If you feel water is the dominant element within you, what other element could assist you to feel a sense of  stability?

Fire as inspiration

Our world is going through a challenging time and, like the weather, a hurricane of mental confusion and emotional energy is being stirred up by events on every continent. Fires and floods are creating havoc, just as our anger, fear and judgement can be destructive.

On a personal level, we’ve looked at how to manage differences in our relationships, how to harness our thoughts and emotions, to consider how we interact with others. What can we do to make a positive, calming difference to the energy?

One of my favourite exercises, offered by my mentor, Helen Barton, is to spend five minutes each day, imagining what we could do if there were no limitations, no fear, what our world would look like. This allows us to be inspired by what could be possible, and, since anything is possible… we can dream big! When we do this, our frequency lifts and we send out fire as a healing balm to the fire of anger burning in our world.

As suggested in our last blog, we can also ask ourself if we did not feel angry or afraid, what would we like to feel. And, if we wanted to feel joy, for example, how could we find joy in everyday things? How could we find a way to be the sunshine? Change comes from within, and, when we start to do things differently, what we find is that we become motivated. The fire in our soul inspires us to be a force for good.

Of course, the greatest thing to cool emotions is acceptance – to accept what is, accept another for who they are, accept a point of view. This doesn’t mean that we need to agree, we simply observe and accept it is how it is, we don’t judge or get caught up in the drama, and so we bring balance to the energy rather than add to it. The best way to counter fear is through love, so how can you be love?

Rubbing up against each other

For all that we may resist conflict or challenging experiences, sometimes rubbing up against each other is what is needed for us to change. Fire is the energy that begins the process of transformation. With every challenge we encounter, there’s an opportunity to learn what we need to learn, a rough piece of the surface can be worn off and a smooth, polished facet created.

Remember that carbon has to endure pressure and heat to go from black to clear to become the diamond. Diamonds are formed so the purification, the purity of the diamond, comes from the heat of the fire.

Because we are both personality and soul and our soul’s purpose is to guide us, to help us move beyond our fears, our limitations, a state of fire by friction can be set up. Sometimes the people to whom we are closest can be the ones with whom the friction is greatest.

Rather than resist, what can we do? Of course, we can ask in meditation to understand what is causing us to feel angry or afraid and what we need to learn, what is the significance of what we’re being shown. We can express what we’re feeling and thinking, and look to set any boundaries.

We can also ask ourself how would we like to be if we were not angry or afraid? Peaceful, joyful, accepting, kind…? Then, create a habit of taking one action every day that will allow you to be this. In this way, you transmute the fire energy into loving purpose. Transform it into motivation, inspiration, goodwill, love … to move forwards.

Friction within our relationships is a mirror of friction within, between our soul and personality. When we resist resolving our lessons, the friction can ultimately result in physical disease, so… perhaps it’s better to let go of the resistance, and get on with the lesson so we can be our best!

Collaboration is a source of positive friction!