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Choices – Expectation or intent?

If you’ve ever felt disappointed, one thing I’ve learned is that behind it there’s always an expectation. Whenever you have an expectation, you want things to happen just as you think they should – even though you may be only barely aware of it.

For example, when I was growing up, it was my dad’s job to put the rubbish out at night. When I married, I didn’t appreciate that I expected my husband to do the same… and learned that we don’t all think alike!

It becomes more of an issue of course when you live to satisfy the expectations of others, when you worry about how others see you…and that doesn’t make you happy. How often do you ‘should’ on yourself?

You can say goodbye to expectations by choosing to set an intent about how you want to be in any situation, and this is something you want to do with all your heart, it’s internally focused. That way you can take responsibility, and no longer depend on others to do what you expect in order to achieve whatever you want. Once you know your intent, you can set a plan of action with specific steps.

Freedom is about making choices that are in line with your heart… how do you want to be in 2023? How would it be to be joyful?!

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