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Covid…and the sun

Yesterday, sitting watching the sun sparkle on the sea…  I found myself thinking ‘the sun always rises…’. A bit obvious perhaps and, because it does, for many people it’s a symbol of hope and renewal, each day bringing us warmth and light. For me, it always brings a smile.

At home with Covid this past week, I’ve had little energy for anything, it’s as if the universe has been saying ‘take a break’.  And one thing I realised… when you’re so busy thinking, when you have so much clutter in your head, it’s easy to forget to turn it all off, to take time to appreciate the beauty in your life. Something that to me is important , especially right now with so much news focused on what’s wrong with the world.

With Christmas coming up, all the preparations, the stresses and the joys of family relationships, it’s especially important to take a break and find a moment to connect with what touches you, what makes you feel alive. And of course, as the new year approaches to give yourself time and space to explore new ideas and possibilities, how you can innovate.

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