Dance for joy copy

Dance for joy

If you’re finding it challenging to feel the joy in life right now, you’re not alone. The past few years we’ve all experienced so much change and some of us are feeling stressed and disheartened. Yet, by doing little things each day that make you happy, you can soon start to feel a difference.

Getting out into the garden; having fun with your pets; taking a morning hike; baking a cake – are just a few simple ways to lift your spirits. Making small changes to your home, perhaps buying new cushions, a throw, adding a bright colour ..savouring your morning cup of coffee, the scent of freshly cut flowers, the smile of a child…what might you put on your joy list? I love dancing!

And… connecting with others, friends or strangers, turning you attention to others, helping those in need, can sometimes be the best medicine when you’re feeling blue.

What is on your joy list?

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