Don't worry...

Don’t worry…

One of my friends, who is a bit of a worrier, recently joked that her mother used to say – “If you didn’t worry, you’d have something to worry about!” For some people, it’s what drives their energy. It is what it is… it can be changed.

One of the ways you can change it is by getting out of your head and simply being present to what is. Instead of worrying about what might happen, what you can’t control, what other people might think and so on…..you can enJOY right now, be thankful for what you have rather then what is missing, find the good in everything and everyone rather than blame and complain… you can see the beauty in life.

Beauty is all around us. It’s not just a physical appearance, it’s an energetic resonance. When you connect to it and feel it, you feel uplifted. Its even there when there is chaos!

Choosing to be happy is one of the gifts I’ve seen in Vanuatu from the local people who a short time after the cyclone were singing in the gardens. Amazing!

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