D’you feel there has to be something more?

Last week I travelled to the north of Scotland back to my family roots. I visited this beach where we used to picnic when I was a child. I enjoyed the warmth of the sun, and loved watching the sun sparkling on the sea… shimmering it with diamonds!

I reflected on how we each shine in our own way, we each have our soul purpose.

Do you have a sense of purpose, of why you are here? What do you bring to others that is natural, easy, effortless? How do you bring warmth, light to others? What gives your life a sense of meaning, of pleasure?

Sometimes we can feel as if there’s something missing, there has to be something more to life. If that’s how it is for you, contact me and we can have a chat. We offer 12 week programmes that will help you understand who you are and why you are here, and, at the end of it all, will have you wake up feeling full of the joy of being alive, strong and empowered.

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