Fun and adventure

Fun and adventure.. or ..safe and comfortable?

Is your story one of fun and adventure, or, are you someone who likes to feel safe and comfortable?

If you’re happy being comfortable, that’s great. However, if it’s the case that things are the same old, same old, you’re comfortable enough, perhaps a bit bored, deep inside you feel something is missing, you’ve lost your joy… that’s different. Life is for living!

My experience has been that when you have that feeling of something being missing, your soul is giving you a nudge….wake up, wake up, it’s time to explore!

Perhaps it’s time to inject some fun into a relationship? To create time for you, to relax or have fun rather than work, work, work or giving all your time to others. Perhaps it’s time to make a new start…change job…relocate? Perhaps it’s time for a new story, to throw caution to the winds?

Sometimes life’s experiences propel us into making changes. Other times we can simply choose to do things differently.

Don’t hold onto the past or an old story if it doesn’t make you happy…let go and allow space for something new. This week sees a total solar eclipse and is a time for a new chapter.

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