Getting into the spirit

Christmas is coming.

How are you feeling? Are you feeling full of Christmas spirit, or are you struggling to be of good cheer?

Christmas can be a challenging time if we’ve experienced loss during the year  – perhaps loss of good health, a loved one, employment or financial security. How to deal with this? We can choose to focus our pain, or be thankful for the gifts in our life. What do you choose?

I know what I choose – I choose to love my life and treasure the precious moments and people in it!

If you’re feeling down-hearted, you might like to go into your heart and ask how can you bring some warmth, some light, a sense of delight to those around you this Christmas.

When we’re happy to be who we are and do what brings us joy, we shine bright. We are a delight!

If however you’re feeling lack-lustre, no longer sure of who you are and what you want in life, you can do something about that.  Contact me and we can talk about it!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

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