Heart and soul

Give your heart and soul to being you

Having been someone who has played many roles in life, what I’ve seen is that they do allow you to experience different ways of being! However, playing roles means that people never get to see the real you… you can never be authentic which means that you’re unlikely to experience deep connections in your relationships.

My experience has been that what really matters is how you live, the energy you take out into the world, the little things, the smile you offer to a stranger, the friendly ‘hello’. Identifying with a role is simply a construct of your personality that has you saying I ‘should do this, should do that”. So, for example, if you are spiritual you ‘should’ wear white, not eat meat, not drink etc. Any role makes you separate from others, puts you in a box, when the truth is we’re all interconnected and there’s good and bad in each of us.

Connect with your soul and aspire to be all you can possibly be…the you who is a lot more than you imagine!

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