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How comfortable are you speaking up?

We’ve talked in recent weeks about the world being turned upside down and the opportunity to create a better world, imagining what we’d like to see. Of course, we need to look at how we would like to change and who we would like to become.

Often when we go through any change in life, somewhere behind the scenes our soul is sneakily prompting us to be more of who we are. So… the question is what can you bring out of who you are that will take you forward?

For many of us, the opportunity can be to speak up more, to be seen and heard.

Why is it that we can find it challenging to say what we really think and feel?

  • What is it that keeps us in our comfort zone?
  • Do you say what you think is right so that you will be liked … or … do you say what you mean?
  • Are you so sensitive to others’ feelings, so tactful, that you are evasive?

For those of us who are afraid to speak at all, we can choose to remain a prisoner trapped in our silent resentment, or, we can practise moving beyond any fear and opening our heart and speaking honestly and openly.

With that in mind, I’m offering an online group to help you move through change, share how you’re learning and growing, and practise being seen and heard! We will focus on our dreams, how we can take the first steps, then learn how to apply the messages in ‘Polishing the Diamond’, a roadmap to who you are becoming. You can join here – I’d love to see you there!


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