How you experience life copy

How you experience life

Talking about the journey, what I’m seeing is it’s about how you experience life…and everyone’s experience is different.

Do you focus on what’s missing, or, the joy of what’s present? As long as you focus on what’s missing, whether it’s the material or something within you, you never feel truly happy. When you focus on creating experiences that bring you joy, you feed your soul. On the other hand, lack can give us the impetus to change.

Another example…do you focus on mistakes or the opportunity to learn? As long as you focus on what’s wrong, you see failure. That’s how your personality sees things, it judges. Your soul is curious, has a sense of fun and adventure and sees challenges as opportunities to explore and grow.

Who you are is who you are, you don’t have to be perfect, and it’s ok to make mistakes.

The good thing is you choose how you handle who you are as you go through life. When you focus on joy, gradually the things you don’t enjoy disappear because you’re so busy having a good time!

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